Saturday, February 11, 2017

We All Fall Down

I've  had the strangest thing happen in the last year or so. I've suddenly started sleepwalking for the first time in my life. From waking Jon up to INSIST that he was sleeping under an invisible blanket to trying to walk out the backdoor into the yard on a very cold night (thank goodness the door was locked and I was too clumsy in my sleep to open it) my brain is doing something strange.

I take several medicines for various things and I suspect one of those is the culprit.  I will talk to my doctor, But in the meantime I keep doing things like last night where I actually picked up and moved the little table next to my side of the bed to an upside down position in the living room. I have absolutely no recollection of doing this, which is a really freaky feeling.

Have you ever sleepwalked? How bad was it? Did it turn out that it was medication-related?

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